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Counseling and Qigong

Qigong (pronounced: “chi gong”) means energy work, or the practice of working to balance and harmonize your energy.  It is a moving meditation used for ages to promote psychological and physical wellness.

I use psychologically oriented forms of qigong to help you transform challenging thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  These exercises are very effective for treating anxiety, depression, and the impacts of traumatic experiences.  When talking is not enough qigong is ideal tool to use to supplement traditional, talk-based counseling.


  1. Symptoms decrease and you feel better.  Qigong harmonizes excess and deficient energies and emotions.  As a result you to move through challenging circumstances with more fluidity and less difficulty.
  2. Changes last longer and are more complete.  By working with the mind and body simultaneously, the work you do takes root at the deepest levels and is thus more thorough and effective.
  3. Self-regulation.  It is a tool to use between sessions.  Often times psychotherapy creates co-dependency and narcissism–the very things some people seek to change.  Practicing qigong on your own offers a sense of independence and interdependence instead of dependence.
  4. Empowerment.  Beyond your session time with me, the practice of qigong gives you a tangible tool to deepen, expand, and explore the work we begin in sessions.


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