• Depth Counseling for Adults, Adolescents and Kids.


What you do

You come as you are.  Anger, confusion, depression, anxiety, numbness or any other type of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual experience are great starting points.  The psyche needs to be seen and heard just as it is–however that is.  If it is not, or if it is disparaged, its demands and accompanying symptoms will usually become louder and more insistent.  I welcome your state of being just as it is by holding a context of safety, care and respect.

Before change occurs, it is first necessary to honor that which needs changing by recognizing and acknowledging it.  Simply witnessing with full attention and care is often enough to initiate shifts in core dynamics, perspectives, and relationships.

What I do

The goal is to help you gain more influence over how you experience yourself, others, and the world so that life becomes more satisfying and meaningful.  Safety and trust are indispensable to this process and together constitute the foundation of my work with you.  By creating a comfortable, effective, and sometimes humorous atmosphere, our relationship serves as the ground from which we explore past experiences and process current situations.  By uncovering the internal structures that create undue pain and conflict, these structures can transform into more harmonious networks of well-being.

What we do

Through traditional talk-therapy and sometimes psychologically oriented forms of qigong, I help you explore your psyche’s structures and their influence on how you experience the present in relation to the past and the projected future.  With some people talking is the best and only form of therapy.  With other people qigong supplements talk therapy.  I use qigong when it fits into the flow of sessions or when people specifically request it.  In my personal and professional experience qigong facilitates a deeper level of verbal processing and a more holistic integration of changes.  Qigong is always an option, never a necessity.

Length and Frequency

Weekly sessions of 50 minutes are standard.  If you would like longer or more frequent sessions I am happy to talk about a session length and frequency that is best for you.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

-Japanese proverb